BelizeKids is Excited to Announce Our #DollaADive Program

If you have visited, you know that no single activity has been more important to tourism on Ambergris Caye than scuba diving. This has been true since the very beginning of tourism, the days of the Paradise and Holiday Hotels in the early 70’s.  Over the decades since, Ambergris has become a bustling tourist mecca, arguably the hub of tourism for the country.



While plenty of non-divers now visit the Caye, dive enthusiasts still comprise a core percentage of our visitors…

And divers are some of the most passionate champions of our island.

Certainly it’s our waters and our barrier reef which attract divers here… But it’s something more that keeps them coming back. The dive community here becomes like family for many. Divers return to dive with the same shops and dive masters year after year. Many dive shops are multi-generational, kids having all but grown up on the docks, now leading dives of their own.

There are numerous organizations on our island and in Belize dedicated to preserving and nurturing the resource that is the reef. This is invaluable. Just as invaluable, in our opinion, is nurturing the resource that is our COMMUNITY.

The Dolla A Dive program does just that, funding healthcare, education and recreational activities for kids of Ambergris Caye.  How much would you be willing to contribute to support tomorrow’s dive master? Tomorrow’s tour guides and boat captains? Donating but a dollar a dive during your stay here makes a huge difference.

Our goal is nothing short of having every dive operation on Ambergris, big and small, participate in and embrace this program.

Participating Dive Shops So Far



Look for this small poster on the wall and our BRIGHT green donation box.

If you don’t have the money with you, no problem.  If you would like to donate back home, we have a US donation page ready. is a a US 501c(3) with TAX ID 81-2841433.

Each month we’ll post total funds raised the previous month. Mind you, it’s not a contest. We publish totals for accountability, but moreover, to illustrate the HUGE impact that numerous small donations over an extended period of time can make.

One of our big projects is a Vision Clinic that we are working on in conjunction with Standford University at the Lions’ Den.


We will be adding more projects with your help and the help of our participating dive shops.
Please tag us when you are diving and support the shops on Social Media.  #DollaADive
Certainly being part of something that does good is its own reward. That said, some good publicity never hurts any business. Part of the Dolla A Dive program will be maintaining a constant social media presence – on our facebook page, our newly started Instagram page and our ad on

So keep DIVING and please help the kids of San Pedro each time you do.  We hope it’s simple and easy.  And we can’t wait to see the results.


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