Working with SPRC Primary, San Pedro, Belize’s Largest Public School

San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School is the largest on the island with over 700 kids ranging from Kindergarten to Standard 6 (or the US equivalent of 8th grade).  To say that the school is “bursting at the seams” is an understatement.


Over the past few years, Canary Cove has worked with the ever growing school to build 3 additional classrooms for the Infant 1 classes, rebuilt the old palapa and built a second one with picnic tables.

We also renovated the school, painting the exterior, replacing all ceiling fan as well as doing electrical and roof work for the school.

Some of the new classrooms.

San Pedro RC School (2)

And the kids lining up for school in the morning.San Pedro RC School (1)

kids at Rc school

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