Welcome to BelizeKIDS.org

BelizeKids.org is a non-profit organization focused on helping kids in Belize. We are currently working on the island of Ambergris Caye but plan to expand to help kids throughout the country.

Belize is a tiny English-speaking country in Central America with a population of about 340,000 – smaller than that of Wichita, Kansas. Independent since 1981, the country is incredibly culturally diverse – from Maya and Creole to Garifuna, Mennonite and immigrants from around Central America. Belize is a land of children – 36% of the population is under 14 – compared with 19% of the United States. The median income is only about $5000-6000US per year.

Kids in Belize - BelizeKids.org

Despite the small size, the “new” country is faced with a long list of challenges.

BelizeKids.org fundraises in two ways. Local leadership works hand-in-hand with merchants, businesses and hotels to identify creative ways for both residents and visitors to fund worthy projects. Additionally, we have established a 501c(3) non-profit organization in the United States to allow bigger US-based donations to help and benefit from a tax-free vehicle.

All expenses for this non-profit are being underwritten by the owners of Canary Cove on Ambergris Caye.

The local committee establishes priorities for the funds received. No overheads will be incurred; 100% of all donations will go to programs. We will publish our fundraising, disbursements and program milestones monthly.

BelizeKids.Org is a US 501c(3) with TAX ID 81-2841433

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